Sunday, May 10, 2009

GAMMA installation

As a side note to this blog, I'd like to say as a girl in the greek society I have not been able to keep up with all of these Greek letters being our project- for all i know this isnt even the gamma installation-who knows!

Way to wrap up the semester. I will admit, I am green with envy that the younger years will be able to enjoy this space, when we put in all the sweat to make the studio a more livable space-because yes, we do live in it. 

Throughout all the troubles we had within this space, the project, installation and overall outcome of this studio was a huge success. I think that we would have had a more community 
 studio this semester if we had this space at the beginning. The space reminds me terribly of our first year in McIver, and I remember saying to myself when we moved into Gatewood 2nd year- WOW this building is great-but I loved mcIver, and I really did. McIver was an inspiration for most of us throughout this project, we wanted to bring back the openness of the space and the ability to see everyone working or goofing off within the studio. We achieved that as well as a bit of privacy throughout the loewenstein panels.

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