Sunday, May 10, 2009

the end of NGHS

Its been a bumpy and wild ride for me with NGHS, rather just designing institutional for that matter. I was hoping to walk into this semester and be uber excited about the project at hand and just hit the pavement ending my senior year with a bang, I didnt quite have that, being that I dont have a passion (or mojo) for institutional design. I struggled quite a bit, but focused on my goals which I had made for myself at the end of the semester, which was doing research on institutional design and really REALLY working on my hand drawings and hand renderings. Once I was finally able to get some passion back into my soul for this project, after loosing it for awhile, I am proud of my work, and proud that I followed up on my goal and really concentrated on hand drawings, not tracing, not computer aided, but actual pure-hand-take me forever to draw-drawings. Below are 3 of my 4 hand drawn and hand rendered images for the NGHS project

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