Thursday, April 23, 2009

Can-Tastics take 3rd place!

I was right when I posted last night, or rather this morning about how there was really no organization or strategy to the CAN ART..however, it seemed to work out, as it always does because TEAM CAN-TASTICS took 3rd place..yea yea, even over MARIO!

It was a little rough of a beginning, most slurping up some sort of caffeine, scurrying around trying to find anything and everything that we could possibly use for "fasteners". Patrick in his hat (odd) and a wagon-like pully, rolled all the cans down to the weatherspoon art museum, where the "magic" took place. 

Like always, we did a bunch of trial and errors, a can-scape, a land scape, and other various attempts when we finally found joy and hope in taking the title with the 'tree of life' or 'cans of life'. Love how it relates so well back to studio and our concept - a TREE.


We never imagined we would win a prize, I will admit the competition was pretty intimidating with a ROBOT, MARIO, the 'SPIRAL' and other can-pieces. In the end we prevailed and took 3rd place, well deserved I suppose for the attempts we made and the passion we had for that tree?  

Anywhoo...I guess Patrick was right, we did have FUN DAMNIT! and it was nice to get away from studio for a little bit...


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