Tuesday, April 14, 2009

'being excited...coming a lonnng way...'

After discussing + sharing ideas in class on weds, I realized I:
a. had a lot of work ahead of me
b. dont have too much time ahead of me
c. need to get my 'mojo' back (it tends to come and go quickly during this project)
d. get excited about my designs thus far + those of them to come

So, I spent the weekend back home in Ohio, and it was nice to clear my head a little bit of all my tasks and figure out ways to climb myself out of this hole I have somehow dug for myself. I did some sketching over the weekend, and started working on perspectives. I came back on Monday and finally put the pencil to the paper and started to feel as if I was getting something accomplished, and am currently getting excited for the space (or the fact that I am making progress).

The perspectives above need a little touch up on the renderings, however, I believe this is where my final design is going. I want to incorporate more color into the space, and work on lighting techniques to help light the "forest" and make it more visually stimulating. I like how the stands have created an array of 'tree-like' objects and when moving throughout the space you feel as if you are in a forest, but can easily locate where you want to go, by the way finding systems.

The nook in the second image has been fixed to be more useful to the students as well as more engaging. Again, I would like to work on lighting techniques to help aid the students in way finding and make it more visually stimulating. The objects hanging from the ceiling are smaller versions of our LEED signs that will be taking place in the rest of the circulation space. Within the hanging signs will be clips and images of colleges. They will be made out of recycled glass and metal, *more to come on signs later*.

I guess its not so bad working within an institution - I just have to allow my mind to be creative in other ways + I am working on 'designing outside of the box'.

"You should be excited, this is a cool space." + today I can say I actually am excited.

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