Thursday, April 16, 2009

etched glass-forest like?

"Banners"...are they to 'market-down town' theme? yes, probably so. Trying to find the balance between forest and down town was hard to come by - so another tweak in the design has occurred. This always tends to happen, especially now that I have senioritis, I tend to stand by and tweak and add small things to the space early on in the design process when theoretically I should lunging myself forward and stepping in all sorts of crazy directions of design and then subtracting. However, I suppose I work backwards....

The 'banners' in my space have now turned into a series of etched glass panels, which allow a more tactile experience for the students and the occupants of the space. I imagined myself in this college forest I have created and how it is lacking the tactile experience. When in a forest you touch leaves, twigs, the dirt on the ground, its a never-ending series of exploring and touching, and those are the qualities I want the occupants in the space to have. 

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