Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Can Sculptures...FUN FUN FUN!

So, this week there have been many of times where I have questions the way I have gone about my final project..Hand drawing..hand rendering..Really? Shannon + Hand..anything takes forever. And although it HAS taken me FOREVER..and I am now only done with 4 perspectives I am starting to feel more confident in my choice. Hand drawing..and hand rendering..hand ANYTHING..was what I wanted to focus on this it in the computer and trace..pure hand..and it has been somewhat of pure hell, however, I did and I am pleased with my hand drawing skills.

On my breaks from being frustrated I have been thinking and been enthrawled with the next task to complete (not that the first one is done..) the CAN ART. Brillant idea, however, not a brilliant time. I feel as if we have no idea what is going to take place tomorrow and honestly I dont know who is going to participate..but Patrick is shooting for the moon on this and I think we should shoot for the moon too. He has come up with some creative ideas, and we have finally reached over 40 cans...I think were at we will have an abundance of canned items to make a wonderful can-ulpture. * not as creative as patricks..*

heres what I am expecting from 412 (patricks studio tomorrow..)

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