Thursday, April 16, 2009

late night discoveries

So while sitting in studio late night, sipping on a red bull to keep my mojo going, i have made a few realizations about the college area. Where is the horizontal elements? No where. Have I manipulated the ceiling? the floor? NO.
So, I did a few quick perspectives of ideas to help the space become more vibrant and more appealing. I have added a grid like-branching pattern to the ceiling that will serve as in-set lighting to help give a little more life to the space. The grid on the ceiling will be continuations of the systems of way finding and storage as well as the shelving system that span through out the walls and columns.

Another idea I am focusing on, is the desk situation, after sketching desks and trying to force something to work as not only a desk, but rather a table I have decided to have the desk cantilevered off of the column and given support from thin metal poles (like the ones in the systems) to help with the horizontal elements as well as the vertical lines.

So far late nights + red bull + a little cheer leading from peers has helped convert my space into a better interactive experience.

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